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Tree To Sea Australia: VLOG #7

G’day guys I’m Rob here from Tree To Sea where we manufacture fine wooden surf craft right here in Melbourne.

Our wooden surfboards are made out of Australian grown Paulownia timber grown in Coffs Harbour NSW.

Ok so the construction of the boards here at Tree To Sea is we use a Polystyrene Core to our/your design, and then we vacuum bag the timber over the top. So we have about a 5mm thick timber top and bottom, and about 8mm thick rails around the outside.

Everybody thinks that wooden boards are heavy, when they think of timber, but they’re not.

These boards are just as light if not lighter than a similar size foam and fibreglass board.

These boards are extremely durable, you wont get knee or heel depressions in our boards, so these boards are going to look good for a lifetime.



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