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ECO Surfboards

ECO Surfboards are Super Light Weight Wooden Surfboards, we vacuum bag Australian Plantation Grown Paulownia timber onto a recyclable Closed Cell EPS polystyrene pre shaped inner core, with timber rails and cedar stripes on the deck.(optional)

Our surfboards are designed NOT to be Fibreglassed, so you don't get that extra weight and expense, that fibreglass adds to your board! There are many different types of Polystyrene, both expanded and extruded and lots of different densities. 


We have chosen to use an Australian made medium density recyclable EPS, by using locally made products are reducing our environmental footprint.


All our designs are shaped on an AKU Surfboard Shaping machine, which allows us to use a precisely, computer shaped blank using an environmentally friendly product, with the waste going back to be recycled  to make another blank.

Instead of the board being disposed of at the end of its life, it can be recycled back to make another board. 

The finished boards are lighter, stronger, with more flex and do not require a vent.

Come along to one of our Workshops and build your own ECO SurfBoard at a Two Day Workshop, or we can supply a Part Built Kit for you to make a home. 

Cross Section with Timber Rails.png
Cross Section of an Eco Surfboard
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