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Wooden Surfboard

Surfboard Making Workshop

About the

Sealing one of our Wooden Surfboards

This Workshop idea was first pioneered by Rich Blundell of the Tree to Sea fame in the USA and his philosophy is simple, share the knowledge.

We invited Rich to come to Australia and together we ran the first Wooden Surfboard Workshops, we were over welled by the enormous interest there was for this concept and Tree to Sea Australia was born.

Our Workshops run over 2 Days and at the completion you will walk away with a fantastic Wooden Surfboard that you have made yourself, with a bit of help from us!

You will not need any prior wood working knowledge or skill to be able to make your very own board, just the desire to achieve something special.

Workshop costs are included in the price of the board you choose and are based on the size of board you build. 


To see board choices and prices follow the links below. 


A $500 deposit is required to secure your place in a Workshop.

Workshop Board Prices

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