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Some people don't have time to come and build their own Wooden Surfboard, so we can build it for you. It costs a bit more but your board will be ready to surf for the time you grab it.



8' Spruce


IMG_1589 (1).png

7'6" Splinter




6'8" Twin Fin



8' Splinter

$1895 SOLD


9'2" MJ Model


Tree to Sea ECO Wooden Surfboards For Sale

Tree to Sea Australia build and sell wooden surfboards. Our range of ECO wooden boards are constructed using Paulownia timber which is vacuum bagged over a pre shaped recyclable polystyrene blank. Rails are either recycled cork or Paulownia. Cedar or other timbers can be used for decorative detailing if required.

At Tree to Sea Australia we attempt to keep our ‘environmental splash to a minimum’, therefore our method of construction does not require the board being fibreglassed. The Paulownia we use is Australian plantation grown, milled specifically to our dimensions. Boards by Tree to Sea Australia are finished using a marine grade varnish with UV stabiliser.

The range available from Tree to Sea Australia consist of longboards, short boards, fishes, single fins and everything in between. If you have a custom request or would like to copy a favourite board, Tree to Sea Australia can make it happen.

Our boards are not for simply hanging on a wall, although because of their visual appeal many are used for just that. These ECO boards are built to be surfed and . . . surfed and . . . surfed.

ECO boards from Tree to Sea are great to surf, no maintenance is required and when the inevitable happens they are super easy to repair.

Check our website: for further info, while you’re there checkout our 2 day board building workshops where you can, if you prefer, build your own board with a little help from Tree to Sea Australia.

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