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Tree To Sea Australia: VLOG #1


POST #1 SEPT 2022

G’day guys Rob here from Tree To Sea where we make wooden surf craft. We make all kinds of boards, our boards are crafted out of Australian grown Paulownia Timber and recyclable polystyrene made right here in Melbourne.

These boards are lightweight.

Everybody thinks that a wooden board is going to be heavy but these boards are the equivalent to if not lighter than your regular fibreglass board.

Our boards are durable.

As you can see they are very tough, you won't put knee or heel depressions on these very strong boards.

Why buy a board from Tree To Sea Australia?

You can do everything with these boards that you would on an equivalent fibreglass board. These boards will last a lifetime and your board is going to look new a lot longer. If you're doing aerials or you want to do some nose riding on the Mals you can do exactly that with these boards, these boards perform just as good if not better than a regular fibreglass board and are environmentally friendly to boot.

Every board is unique.

Everyone has a different grain pattern, you’ll be able to pass these boards down to your grandchildren.

6’8” Twin Fin.

This board is the 6’8” Twin Fin. It has a fairly retro looking front half going down to a pulled in tail and we’ve shaped this as a Swallow Tail with a nice little bit of Cedar in the tail.

Fun Board, good for those summer days. It can be made smaller than 6’8”, can make these down to 5’8” if you like and also make them slightly bigger by drawing out the template.

What kind of surfer wants this board?

The surfer that would purchase this board or come to a workshop and making this board would be someone who likes to get out on the beach breaks over summer, surfing waves around chest height and wants to get out there and have some fun, just sliding the tail and having fun!

That’s the 6’8” Twin Fin,



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