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Layne Beachley Board

Layne Beachley surfboard raffle - raising funds to save our reefs!

You have the chance to win a unique, handcrafted, wooden ‘Tree to Sea’ surfboard, autographed by 7-time surfing world champion, Layne Beachley.

The story starts with Tania Kenyon, who was awarded a Layne Beachley Foundation 'Aim for the Stars' scholarship in 2017. Aim for the Stars offers ambitious and dedicated women an opportunity to receive financial scholarships and mentoring support to help them achieve their dreams. Tania received this scholarship for her PhD research in coral reef research at UQ and for her volunteer work and aspirations with Reef Check Australia, an environmental charity empowering Australians to protect their reefs and oceans. Wanting to raise money to ‘pay it forward’, Tania sought a surfboard for Layne to sign, combining Tania’s love of the ocean with Layne’s love of surfing.

From their workshop in Melbourne, Rob, Gary & Darren from ‘Tree to Sea’ were kind enough to make & donate one of their beautiful, super light-weight, wooden eco surfboards. The surfboard is a 6' 4" Striper 'fish' design with unique artwork by Darren’s daughter, Morgan, featuring blue ocean swirls, Reef Check Australia banner fish and Aim for the Stars ‘sea’ stars. This type of surfboard is accessible for all levels of riders and the artwork is incredibly eye-catching, whether you're catching waves or choose to display the board as a statement piece in your home. And of course to top it off, Layne Beachley has autographed the board and, luckily, decided not to take it home with her (she loves it!)

Funds from the surfboard raffle will go towards Reef Check Australia’s reef health monitoring, education & awareness programs, & back into The Layne Beachley Foundation, to support future scholarship winners.

See Tania’s story here: & enter for your chance to WIN here: (Raffle tickets $10)

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