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Tree to Sea Australia

wooden surfboards

Eco Wooden Surfboards

Tree to Sea Australia manufacturer Super Light Weight Hand Crafted Eco Wooden Surfboards.

We also hold regular 2 Day Workshops teaching people how to make their own Eco Wooden Surfboard.

Whether you make your own Eco Surfboard or buy an Eco Surfboard from our online shop you will enjoy years of enjoyment surfing our

Super Light Weight Eco Wooden Surfboard.


Make your own
Eco Surfboard at a Workshop


Buy your own
Eco Surfboard online


Layne Beachly with a Fish we made for her Aim for the Stars Foundation 

About Us

About Us

Tree to Sea Australia ® was formed  over a cup of coffee at the local café. It is owned and operated by Robert Ivers, Gary Miller and Darren Minchen.  Mount Eliza locals that have lived and surfed on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria all our lives.


We want to share our experience and knowledge of making wooden surfboards with everyone. So come along to one of our workshops and create your own surfboard.



"The board is amazing! Definitely attracts attention every time Im out in the line-up and I love being asked how and where I made it. Heres a couple more photos from the awesome ground swell we have had the past three days. Thanks again for that amazing experience and allowing me to produce this dream board!"

Custom wooden surfboards made by Tree to Sea Australia

Our wooden surfboards, are unlike anything else on the market  We have developed the coolest boards which are strong, eco-friendly and sustainable.

Our wooden surfboard features:

  • Light

  • Durable

  • Natural

  • Eco friendly

  • Sustainable 


All our surfboards are unique and can be individually shaped according to your specific requirements. If you are not sure about what sort of a surfboard you require, just let us know and we can advise you on the perfect one according to your specifications.


We are passionate about surfing and build eco-friendly surfboards to preserve our oceans for future generations. Our hand-built surfboards are prepared using local and sustainable woods that naturally produce artful grain patterns on each board. We put our hearts into each board we build, bringing them to life for extensive use. We ensure minimizing waste and maximizing performance with our bespoke designs.


We use a combination of traditional designs and modern techniques, materials and knowledge for building our custom wooden surfboards. 


Our customization options vary a lot. Starting with the design, you can either choose a shape that we have built before or we can design a custom shape for you.

Call us now to learn more about our surfboards at:  0409 211 751, 0423 804 975 or 0417 055094.

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